Disruptive Technology and Small Business Valuation
Disaster Risk

During the  ‘Real Time’ Web segment at the recent DLD (Digital_Life_Design) Conference industry pundit Jeff Plover started talking about the speed at which things are changing that he illustrated with some words about the Haiti earthquake.  I revisited this video the other day on the anniversary. 

It was all mixed up with business stuff - but what gave his talk real power was a moving anecdote about his personal involvement in this disaster.  I found it to be four minutes and thirty four seconds of moving commentary about how he made a difference on that day from thousands of miles away. The day started with a tweet of frustration and ended with him on the phone to the Pentagon helping make a difference on the ground.   The story supported his conclusion that “we are living in this world where things are different”.  

Keeping with the ‘disaster theme’ he went on to say that one of the great takeaways from 9/11 was “we need to communicate better”, and of the now well known problems that all of the different responders on that day Fire, Police, FBI, the Civil Authorities – were all on different radio frequencies.  They all wanted to help but that was frustrated by the communications problem.  ”Now” he argued “everyone is on the same frequency” and in this circumstance “great change can happen”.

These are very serious themes:   More communication channels, social media and social commerce can really make a difference.